Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lifeforce (1988)

Review # 0001

From what I've seen in this film, there are better chances to
find a naked girl drifting through space than in my bed...

This jumbled, tedious story of energy-draining vampires from outer-space is only slightly redeemed by its apparently bountiful assets including: a) the fully naked body of luscious Mathilda May (as one astronaut quips: "I've been in space for six months, and it looks perfect"), b) stunning special effects by Oscar-winner John Dykstra, c) a Dan O'Bannon screenplay, d) a score delivered by the London Symphonic Orchestra, and e) a large-scale grand finale set in dilapidated downtown London. The stunning inefficiency of the film just goes to show that bigger is not necessarily better, especially if one prompts comparaison with Hooper's earlier, (way) cheaper classic, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. For unpretentious, retro "menace from space" cheese, I suggest you watch The Incredicle Melting Man instead. Yes, Lifeforce is that bad.

1,5/5: for looking so good on paper, and so bad onscreen.